Soooooooooo………What do you think??  Not all at once now!  Thank you to everyone who has been supporting Harmland Visions since 2009!  We have come a long way and 2013 has been our most successful year yet!  We participated in over 90 Weddings this year between Video, Photography, DJ, and Lighting events.  Our Services has broaden since last year and we are preparing to introduce Photobooth, Karaoke, and Drapery in 2014!

The website is another one of our most proud moments as you all can see that it takes a different approach.  The past website and the new one are completely different.  The new one shows you more of who we have grown to be and the level that we have reached to compete againsts other companies in the DFW area.  We have had alot of changes within our staff, but now we have the right people in position to get the job done!  We are looking to have another successful year in 2014, as we have already booked 34 Weddings in 2014, starting on January 4th as to last year at this time, we only had 4 weddings going into the 2013 year and the rest of the weddings were added throughout the year.

In 2012, we dedicated alot of our time to Music Videos to help build our fans and clients.  However, the wedding door granted us more access to our professional and corporate clients, along with having the opportunity to get to meet and build ever lasting relationships with alot of cool people!  2014 We plan to get back into Music Videos a bit more, while running our operation off of Weddings, but you will see more Corporate work, Reality shows, and Short Film work from Harmland Visions.  You will also see more Traveling and Networking along with more Community Service projects!  2014 is the year that Harmland Visions give back and we have a calendar that will be revealed of our dates and whereabouts!

Please take a moment to go check out some of the reviews, look at our portfolio, and schedule an appointment with one of out staff!  Thank you all for continuous support, and we promise that we will not let you down!  The time is now!



Chris Harmon-CEO/Videographer